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Spring Cleaning

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It’s spring time! The days are longer and temperatures start to get warmer. There’s a feeling of hope in the air. But it’s also a time of transition, time to get out of our hibernation modes, maybe to finally get that thing done that you’ve been putting off  “because it’s just too cold and snowy out there”. Let me help you get moving, balance your energies, get your mind, body and soul ready to tackle whatever comes  your way…or maybe just help you find the space you need to release some of the cobwebs of your past. Either way, you can’t beat deals like this!


30 min Reiki – $20 (reg. $40)
45 min Reiki – $30 (reg. $50)
60 min Reiki – $40 (reg. $60)

All prices valid for all purchases until June 20th. Must be booked within six months after purchase.

Contact me to purchase


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