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You are destined to be…

yayAre you the best possible version of you? If not, change. Don’t say you can’t, you know you can. Don’t blame the things you lacked in life, find contentment in what you have and see how lucky you are. We’ve all struggled in our own way. One’s struggles might seem petty to you but they might be huge to him and vice versa. You have it in you to be exactly what you want, but you have to believe it, and live as if it were true. Everyone is intrinsically good. Peel away the layers of false pretenses. Forgive those who hurt you (hurt may be all they know). If you need help, have the courage to seek it. You might not be OK and there is no shame in admitting it. Do what you need to be OK, to breakthrough and find the good at your core. Because deep down you are good. You are good enough. You are destined to be exactly the person you believe you can be.


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